War Is Greater Than Hell Essay

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War is Greater Than Hell
War was never a word used for anything positive at all, yet society tends to make war look as if it was just a few people dying for their country or some sort of good cause. The media brainwashes us into joining the military at some point in our lives, they show that they are “REAL” men. Realistically though, none of that is true. In fact even if you survive war no matter what you’ll come out with some sort of scar either psychologically, physically sometimes financially.
Mental stress changes our lives with just one dramatic event that will traumatize a human for life. After going onto the battlefield of no man’s land you’ll see what humans can really do. Bodies laid everywhere with large pools of blood. Gore such as eyes being teared out by a razor sharp knife, Legs cut off by bare hands, the whole human body ripped to shreds by explosives. People kill themselves after 5 seconds of that kind of vision. Nothing is the same anymore; your memory’s actually come back to life even if you came from nothing at all, from living on the streets to an average guy who needed some extra money. Dying naturally or even slowly is much better than seeing the horrific scenes on the battlefield that not even words can describe properly.
Not only is the inside of your mind ripped apart but your body will also become meat shreds after the grinding machine is done with you. Once you even set eyes over the battlefield while in your small trench, your skull will be pierced with a bullet as if it was paper. Before you even reach the middle of no man’s land you’ll land on your very own barb wire due to a fatal shot or even by accident. If you were lucky enough to be shot and wounded you were still useless just as trash and tossed away. Explosion going off at any moment while your outside. Gases released into the air causing internal and external burning all around your body, if you were to inhale any of the gas for even 1 second, you were as good as dead.
Aside from mental affects there’s also something very similar but different at the same time,…