Was Fdr A Great Leader

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I think a great world leader that everyone can agree on is Franklin D Roosevelt. Everyone knows him by FDR. I think that FDR’s greatest achievements were the creation of social security and helping to end world war two. Everyone relies on social security when it comes time to retire and I’m sure that I will as well when the time comes. If it was not for some of the programs that FDR started a few years before we entered WWII and him being the “middle man” with the allies to help keep our alliance going during the war I think that we would have lost the war because Russia and Great Britain would have stopped talking and our alliance would have broken down and it would have been very easy for Hitler to overtake us and our allies. FDR was a great leader because he knew when to step aside and let someone else lead. For example he never interfered with General Douglas MacArthur and how the war effort was running. He was a great communicator. His speech on December 8th 1941 was a speech that caused anti-war sentiment to disappear overnight in America. He has made many other speeches that have cause people in the masses to join his cause. His lend lease act was well supported and that effort help Great Britain stay afloat until we entered that war in 1941. Being the middle man for the allies was a job suited just for him. He needed to see both sides of an argument as well as the American interest in the argument. He also needed great skills in the ability to compromise on some issues while still keeping to his promises. FDR had to overcome polio when he was a young adult in which he refused to give up and also refused to accept that the was paralyzed from the waist down. He became our 32th President because at the time we were in the Great Depression and as a nation we were looking for a way out. FDR promised an end to the Great Depression and had a plan for completing this task. I wish that I could be more like FDR in his leadership abilities in every way. He was just such a great person that everyone got along with him and everyone looked to him for answers and that is why he is the only President to be elected for four terms in office. FDR’s Presidency can be summed up by saying he “brought the United States through the Great Depression and World War II to a prosperous future”, and “He lifted himself from a