Water: Bottled Water and Water Essay

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People drink water every day. It is critical for survival to be hydrated. It is possible to survive weeks without food, but only a few days without adequate water. Even though seventy-five percent of the earth is covered in water, less than three percent of that is clean enough for humans to consume (Connally. 2012). Most of the water that humans consume comes in the form of bottled water (Connally. 2012). Most bottles are made from plastic, sometimes recycled. These bottles are not meant to be used over and over again because the plastic does not protect the water against things like sunlight, or temperature changes. Obviously food rots if left out or kept too long. So does water mold if kept out for too long just like food? Bottled water comes in all different forms. For example, there is sparkling water, mineral water, vitamin water, and just normal water. The more minerals that the water has, the more life it can support (Helmenstein. 2010). That makes water from springs a better place for bacteria and bugs to grow in because it comes from a mineral rich source. Deer Park, one of the big bottled water brands, uses water that comes from springs (Griffin. 2011). This experiment will use only Deer Park water to keep a constant of the type of water being used.
Saving water is a clear dilemma in this world. Not just preserving it, but also keeping the water that we already have clean. The purpose of this experiment is to see if clean, bottled water can grow mold over time in different conditions. Mold is a fungus that grows in food or other moist areas (Hoffman. 2011). This definition should mean that water is legitimately able to grow mold just like bread or peaches. And that should mean that water can go bad if left in…