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Make a vote and look for the most convenient solution. no authors(don’t know who wrote the article which could lead to false research)

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What is the best way to pay for college?
Many say that it is better for a student to work for the college, so that way the student saves money because the college pays for the tuition. It not only helps the student trying to go to the college, but also for ones family or dependents.­colleges/articles/2011/10/26/some­recommend­working­ for­colleges­for­free­tuition?int=97d908
1. Apply for financial aid.
Even if you don’t think you'll qualify, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) form. You may be pleasantly surprised with the result.
2. Apply for national grants.
Options include Pell Grants, Academic Competitiveness Grants and National SMART Grants; your child's guidance counselor can you find others
3. Apply for local scholarships.
Civic organizations and religious institutions often have meaningful amounts of aid to dole out.
5. Bargain.
Even schools that only provide need­based aid sometimes come up with drastically different offers. If you have more than one package on the table, you may be able to negotiate a better deal at your top choice college
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1. College costs a lot more than it used to.
2. The economy stinks, and your parents have no money.
3. The cost of college living is up.
4. State support for students has decreased substantially.
5. People owe a lot of money.­ipo­class­of­2015/ Why is it that college doesn't accept any other card to make payments but a Master's card? College does let students to pay with other types of cards such as Visa, American Express,
Discover, and JCB. So, if you do not own a Master's Card, then that's fine because to you are able to use all these other types of cards.
The best way to pay for college is the Master’s Card, but people don't only need to pay with a
Mastercard. Even though we are paying for college with credit cards, we would need to limit ourselves with what we are buying because that will cause us to have a huge debt.­payments­refunds­credit­card­tips/paying­college­tuition­credit­card­