Essay about We Have God to Thank

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We Have God to Thank
The online free dictionary defines God as: “A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, (…) [and who] control[s] some part of nature or reality”. All the major religions honor one or more than one God. In fact, religion is loosely defined as a strong belief that encourages devotion, a connection from this world to an unseen place and a community that provides morals and values that one must follow. I believe in the existence of a God for many reasons. Firstly, something or someone is responsible for the beauty of everyday life, secondly there must be a reason that we are currently living and thirdly faith needs no proof. To begin, something or someone orchestrated the beginning of this universe and of life itself. The world is complex and ever-changing, but somehow everything fits together. All parts of this universe are interconnected and are dependent on of one another. This big “ecosystem” did not appear out of nowhere and these connections did not develop on their own. I believe that there was a prime mover who envisioned the world; He or She created the universe so that it could survive for many years. I believe this intelligent designer started what is known today to be the big bang. If the prime mover would have failed to add only one atom present in the world today, then life may have been impossible on Earth. In addition, life in this world could be without meaning unless there’s a purpose to it, a purpose that connects us to our creator. The human race is only the beginning of evolution. I believe we can become greater beings; beings that are spiritually fulfilled enough for their souls to travel in the spirit world, and who gives themselves completely for the good of others. Besides, there’s a reason we’re told to help others physically, emotionally, and spirituality and to love unconditionally; and that is to receive the rite of passage to a better place. Though I do not see this place, I know it to be a beautiful and mysterious place. Whether it’s out of doubt, bad personal experiences, fear or as simple as an atheist upbringing, many of us struggle to find comfort in religion. I conclude that the intent of God, for putting us on this Earth, is for us to find our faith and to help others develop theirs. Finally, faith needs no proof or evidence. The definition of faith is to believe without seeing. God is an invisible presence that becomes a stepping stone to believing in the spiritual world. Of course, unusual experiences or apparent miracles are subjective; one