We Should Not Use People As Means

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We should not use people as means

One of the worst genetic disorders a baby can be born with is anencephaly. It is when a baby is born without a brain. Though there are no important parts of the brain, the brain stem is the only part that grew so the baby can still breathe and hold a heartbeat (pg.1). However, the downfall to this horrible disorder is that the infant only has a few days to live after being given birth. In James Rachels, The Element of Moral Philosophy, Baby Teresa had this ungrateful disorder. Baby Teresa was going to die extremely soon and though she only had a few days, maybe even less, she had absolutely no quality of life. The doctors thought they could use baby Teresa’s organs to help another child who had a chance to live before the organs were of no use. This brought up much controversy, whether to kill baby Teresa to help another child in need or to cherish the limited time with her instead, which is preferably the wiser choice I think. Using baby Teresa to help another may seem like a very generous thing to do, thinking you are helping another human being move ahead in their life and they hold a part of your own child but it means killing your child to do so. That would consist of using baby Teresa as a mean for others and that is morally wrong and a disgrace. I think baby Teresa’s organs should be untouched as it is a very sad and grieving time for the family as well as a time to cherish together. No matter if baby Teresa had a few hours, days, weeks, or even months, the time together for a family means everything. I think it would mean to murder baby Teresa just to help another. Though she is brain dead, she is still human and living, not just an object taking up space. We should not use people as a means because it is morally wrong and there are always others ways to find a solution to a problem. People are living, breathing creatures, not just worthless garbage waiting to be thrown out after we have down our part to help others. Teresa’s case is just one of hundreds. People are individuals who live their lives free and worry-less, not those looking to be treated like slaves or trash until they become useless and thrown to the streets. They have dignity and want to mean something. Baby Teresa’s parents should say no because she is still a living human being and they should cherish the time they have with their daughter.

Wrongfulness of killing argument Jodie and Mary were twins who were conjoined from the lower abdomen (pg.6). They had one heart and one pair of lungs meaning the chance was higher for only one of them to live while the other has no choice to sacrifice herself for the sake of the other to live on. Their case was quite strange, if not separated the twins would die within 6 months and if separated then one would survive. The parents thought that both Jodie and Mary should live and it is unfair for one live and the other to die. Quoted…