Week 3 Journal Essay

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A) 1. A long term goal that I would use that would help me with time management would be to have everything I need to get done written down and set a time for how long these things should take and stick to my schedule and not get carried away with other projects or spend too much time on one project.

2. One short term goal that I could use to make sure I meet my long term goal of managing my time would be to keep better time of how long it really takes me to do something, so when I am setting my goals in the future of accomplishing a task I should be able to predict how much time it really will take me and not set to little or too much amount of time aside for the project.

Another short term goal that I could use in my time management is make sure I only do the task that I have written down on me to do list and that I have set time aside already to do, unless it is an emergency. This will make sure I stay on track and do the things that I already wanted to do, and not put them off for latter.

B) After reading chapter4 I learned the importance of communication with others and that conflict is inevitable and people need to understand the importance of how to deal with it. After reading chapter 6 I learned if you manage your time and don't put things off until the last minute, you would have less stress and a better overall end product and not something you just throw together at the end. I learned that not all stress is bad stress and we need to learn how to handle