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Sabrina Taylor
Feb. 7th, 2015
Western Civilization
Essay topic:
Among the influential women in the twelfth century, Heloise d' Argenteuil, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Hildegard of Bingen are significant. Select one of these women and discuss in detail the reasons why she had a significant influence upon her time. Please include the sources from which you obtained the information used in your essay.

Once I decided to pick this women, I interned became to the realization that Hildegard of Bingen born September 17, 1098 and then passed in 1179; is a complete bad ass. She was an absolutely women of her time. She was named for a lot of so called “first” in many fields. To name just a few: she was a visionary, was considered a saint, she wrote treaties about natural history: and figured out ways to use plants for medical purposes. She was one of the first people to write a book about them; a biography is what we call it today. She founded a convent that was away from the convert in Disibodenberg. She was also a writer, composer, and a realist. She was a modern day feminist. Honestly, for the first time in history an actual Feminist Saint.
For a matter of fact, Hildegard was the 10th child of her family. In the past it was tradition for the 10th child was to be gods mercenary. Her parents had sent her to a woman named Juttes. She was an anchoress who was a woman that led an ascetic life, through the most part was shut off from the world. Continuous praying in isolation but was able to give nothing but herself to god. Hinegard had visions starting when she was very young and she continued to have them throughout her life. These visions were represented as messages from god as the right way. Only after she was elected as an addles is when she started to reveal that she had visions; from that she acted on them. One of her visions, she clarified her knowledge of “the psaltery…... the evangelists and the volumes of the Old and New Testament.” (1)
Surprisingly, still not feeling accomplished she became sharing her visions more often. This was very different in this time because during the medieval time there were only a few women that were respected and she was one of them. She corresponded with not only Richardis or Ricardis von Stade, along with the Pope; but another very respected Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was one of the most wealthiest and powerful in the time frame. Therefore, knowing that she had these connections as they would say today; she used that elevated statue of her time for nothing but exceptional superior act of living. When I mean good brings up my next point, is that she was considered a saint.
At this instant, she was acting simply on what she says that visions had told her to be relayed by god himself. Hildegard good doings had been heard across the world; making the Roman Catholic Church canonized her as a local saint. Thousands of years later the Pope Benedict XVI recognized her to be a saint on May 10th, 2012. He named her as the “Doctor of the Church”. (2) To me that is amazing, that someone could get recognition like that thousands of years after she had died. Long before Hildegard passed she also was a natural healer as well. She used the restorative powers of natural objects for healing, and