Week 4 Essay

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Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences.

Write a paper of 450 words to 700 words discussing the results of your Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences. Make sure that you use APA format.
Discuss your findings from the results.
What is organizational culture? What does organizational culture and communication have to do with one another?
What do your results tell you about how you communicate? What steps will you take to improve the quality of your messages?
There is no better arena for observing a culture in action than business. Cultures tend to reveal themselves in situations where much is as stake, because it is here that their resources are most needed. Marriage, family obligations, and such stressful experiences as illness and the death of a loved one bring out much of what is distinctive and fundamental in a culture. The same is true of business, because economic survival is at stake. Business practices are shaped by deeply-held cultural attitudes toward work, power, trust, wealth—and communication. Communication is fundamental in business, because business is a collaborative activity.
Goods and services are created and exchanged through the close coordination of many persons, sometimes within a single village, and sometimes across global distances.
Coordination of this kind requires intense communication. Complex product specifications and production schedules must be mutually understood, and intricate deals between trading partners must be negotiated. Communication styles vary enormously around the world, and these contribute to a staggering variety of business styles.

Every cross-cultural business manual cautions Western negotiators that, in much of the world, “yes” does not necessarily mean yes, and “maybe” can mean no. “Yes” can be a way of indicating that one understands or acknowledges a proposal. If the proposal is