Week 6 Checkpoint Essay

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An enterprise system is a system that offers high quality of service. This typically means that it is working with exceptionally large amounts of data. These systems are made up of many different businesses and processes, which make up the enterprise system. Examples of organizational functions are Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Production. All of these functions work together with a centralized database to make to this enterprise system work. The centralized database is the key to all of the different processes that help them all communicate together. Using an enterprise system could help an organization to achieve operational excellence by implementing all of the functions that were stated above. When an organizations’ departments all communicate properly and are on top of all tasks that need executed, it will allow the organization to have all the information distributed and recorded properly so that they can see where they have weakness and where they have strengths. This plays to their advantage because it allows them to see what needs improvement and what needs to stay the way it is. This even includes human resources with staffing as well. This means that the organization sees who is being productive and who is not doing so well. Although Enterprise Systems have many advantages, there are some down falls to having both in-house house and cloud enterprise systems. Even though it is somewhat manageable, in-house