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What was the main point of the written piece?
1) The main point of the written piece was to present the idea of how to improve a dull business presentation while capturing and stimulating the audience.
What did each section deal with?
2) The article opened up with the simple question of how you, the reader; could gain the attention of your audience. The question was then followed by the eight secrets of a knockout business presentation.
Dig Deep deals with not just sticking with the ordinary or the normal routine, but going out of your way to thoroughly research and present the information.
Avoid Info Overload is exactly what it states; avoid unnecessary and irrelevant topics and information. You don’t want to exhaust the audience to where they lose interest in the presentation. Be brief, be right, and be gone.
Practice Delivery is the continuous hours of practice that you must prepare, after all practice makes perfect and usually throughout every practice run you’ll find a mistake which you could fix before the final presentation.
Forget Comedy is as specified. Leave your jokes and crude humor behind for the presentation. Remember, this is a business presentation, not a standup comedy.
Pick Powerful Props means use items or objects that will benefit the presentation and be of extreme assistance to help get the point across to your audience.
Minimize You means stay away from personal history and knowledge. It’s nice to know but will it really fix the specific problem at hand? Perhaps write a script to go off of and avoid straying from it.
Speak the Language is simply keeping it simple. Don’t try and sound clever and have the chance of losing your audience with big, “smart” words. Know your audience and explain the acronyms given.
Simple Slides are what is used to keep the audience’s attention. Believe it or not, audiences enjoy short, simple slides. The briefer should have a significant amount of knowledge on the subject, so 30% of the information should be on the slides, whereas the other %70 should come from your head. Followers don’t enjoy flashy, gaudy slides, especially for a business presentation.
Applying these eight secrets to a knockout presentation should help deliver a great business presentation. How well you deliver and if you maintained your posture and bearing are solely up to you however.

What questions did you ask yourself why reading?
3) The questions I pondered aren’t solely yes or no questions, but more on the line on questioning each section and how well they actually work for a person.
Are these the only “secrets” to a great business presentation and if so will they work for everybody? Everyone has different briefing styles and standards so these eight tips probably won’t be effective for some.
Is avoiding info overload a good thing? Sometimes when you give a presentation, depending on your audience, you may need to talk to more than