West Jet Case Study Essay

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Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and flag carrier. The airline had founded in 1937. The company is the world's 11th largest passenger airline by fleet size. The Chairman of Air Canada is David Richardson and the President and CEO is Montie Brewer. Air Canada operates flights to 99 destinations in Canada, the USA, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Combined with its Jazz network, the airline serves 163 destinations worldwide.

In 1996, a new company WestJet is formed. West Jet Airlines Ltd is a Canadian low-cost airlines that flies to most major cities in Canada and serves destinations in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. WestJet is the
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Based on the SWOT analysis mangers can identify a strategic niche that the organization might exploit.

The SWOT analysis is useful tool that allows you to look at the big picture-a quick list of what you do well and what you don't. The SWOT analysis will help organizations and develop strategies that are sorely needed to survive.

Stephen Smith has used SWOT analysis in order to go national:

Swot analysis

|Strengths |Weakness |
| | |
|Low cost. |Only one class of Jet i-e Boeing 737. |
|They offer everyday low prices. |No meal. |
|They offer flexibility through one-way tickets |No class system |
|They have a distinct competency in electronic ticketing. |Restricts them in 13 Cities as well as 400 miles. |
|Limited aircraft models cut down on the cost of parts and