What Does Fire Symbolize In Fahrenheit 451

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In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, fire is constantly depicted as a destructive force, both physically and mentally. Fire, being depicted as a physical destructive force, constantly burns and destroys books, houses, and even people. Fire, being depicted as a mental destructive force, constantly commands fear and insanity to those who oppose it. Fire symbolically represents destruction. More specifically to Fahrenheit 451, fire represents the destruction of independence in the society in which Montag lives. First, fire represents the destruction of independence in Montag’s society because fire destroys man’s free thoughts as written in books. The firemen and government use fire as a tool to silence freedom. For example, when Montag and Beatty go to the woman’s house who was accused of hiding books,”Beatty flicked his fingers to spark the kerosene” (Bradbury 37). These books being destroyed contain information that contradicts the ideas presented by the government. This causes citizens to question and criticize government …show more content…
To do this, fire destroys man’s free thoughts that are written in books, people themselves, and the thoughts in these people’s minds. From this, I have learned many things about society and Fahrenheit 451. I have learned that, as technology progresses, there is no more need for older items, such as books. Books, however, contain mankind's most vital and foundational principles for the concept of freedom. As new technologies push books further and further away, humans are left with a dwindling concept of independence. This, unfortunately, will eventually lead to the demise of free thought, for the government will destroy all books containing rebellious ideals, and no one will be there to end the tyranny. No one will be there because they will all be busy with their new technologies to see that their freedom is crumbling around