What Is Cancer Essay

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Moises Lopez
September 5, 2013
FYS-175 The Body

What is cancer?

To begin, the topic I chose for this research paper is as follows; what is cancer? I chose this question because many people out there might have an idea of what cancer is but don’t really know too much in detail, including myself. In order to get started, I used Google as my search engine and looked up exactly what the topic of this paper is; what is cancer? From the results, I chose two web pages that appeared to carry good information. Of both sources, one goes by the name of National Cancer Institute while the other is called Medical News Today. You can access the National Cancer Institute by going to http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/cancerlibrary/what-is-cancer. To access Medical News Today, you can go to http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/cancer-oncology/. I will be referring to these websites by their abbreviation NCI and MNT. NCI is a .gov website, while MNT is a .com. Although both NCI and MNT are loaded with useful content, neither state who the author of the article is. Since there are no authors mentioned, it would be nearly impossible to get in contact with either one. However, NCI does have a link on their page that provides a general phone number to call with any questions you may have. Once again, since there is no information about the authors, we are unable to check if they have any professional tittles or degrees. This gives the articles less credibility since we don’t know exactly how qualified the authors really are. When comparing both websites and the amount of information each contain, it is clear that MNT covers a wider range of explanations of what cancer is while NCI only has