What Is Culture Essay

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Wht is culture? 1. The word culture, from the Latin colo –ere, with its root meaning “to cultivate”

2. Culture- has been called “the way of life for an entire society” as such it includes codes of manners dress language religion , rituals, norms of behaviors and systems belief. 3. A common way of understanding culture is to see it as consisting of four elements that are “passed on from generation by learning alone” 4. Values 5. Norms 6. Institutions 7. Artifacts * Values comprise ideas about wht in life seems important . freedom is something we value because we fight for our freedom because we where built on freedom * MY VALUES family, friends, respect * Norms consist of expectations of how people will behave in various situations. We bare arms we drive on the right side of the road wean we greet people we make eye contact 1. Institutions are the structures of a society within which values and norms are transmitted * Work , school , wash hands before eating , dress code , respect 2. Artifacts things or aspects of material culture derive from a cultures values and norms * A cross wristband and necklaces * Subcultures * Melting pot * Elite culture : referred to as high culture * Culture is reated and maintained through communication mass media * Through our friends when we talk to them * The way parents raise their children religious leaders teachers grandparents by passing on recipes and political campaigns all influence culture * Culture helps us define our environment it helps us to classify and categorized our experiences * Culture provides information that helps us make meaningful distinctions about right and wrong appropriate or inapproiate good and bad attracter and unattractive and son on.

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