What is the American Dream? Essay

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The American Dream What is the “American Dream?” Is it a big lawn, a white picket fence, and 2 kids? Or is it what our ancestors came here for? They came here for a chance at a better life. They came here for a freedom that could not be found anywhere else. They came here for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Some 200 years after our country was founded, we are still striving for the “American Dream.” The question is, are our ideals of the American Dream still attainable for everyone in America today, or did they fade with our ancestors themselves? The original American Dream was written into our Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. In this document he stated that all men had the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This mentality led our ancestors, from countries all over the world, to America. They came searching for all these things and certainly found them. They worked hard for what they had, and were very determined. Coming from a place where they were persecuted, really made them appreciate the raw freedom they found when they came to America. This is a mindset that everyone should strive for. Is the American Dream attainable for everybody? Some argue that people have rough lives, and that it is so much harder for someone nowadays. However I think that is ridiculous. Everyone has the chance at their “American Dream” no matter how hard you life is. Take Chris Gardner for example. Chris Gardner was a young man from New York City. He sold bone marrow scanners for a living while his wife worked at a cleaners. They had a very hard life and eventually his wife left him. At this point his life got harder and harder and eventually him and his very young son became homeless. At this point most would give up or just say he has had a hard life and he cannot reach his American Dream, but Chris didn’t give up. He lived in shelters, worked hard selling his bone marrow scanners, and also worked as a stock broker. Chris Gardner made a new life for himself. He may have had a “hard life” but he never gave up. Now Chris Gardner is a huge stock broker, motivational speaker, and donates to many charities. This man proved that no matter how hard someone’s lot in life is, there is always still a chance for the American Dream. Working hard, in my opinion, is the