What Is The Right To Have Children Essay

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The Right To Have Children

The right to have children by (particularly for lesbians, women with disabilities, single women and older women.
I feel that women have a natural right to have children and that this decision should not be decided by government or any other entity. Having children is a biological process for women, all things being equal, and however you decide to have them is your decision. The government tries to exert influence on the decision making processes because of many of its constituencies like population control, religious beliefs, societal norms and values.

Lesbians have the right to have children if they want because they are women. You cannot take away the right of a woman to have a child if she so pleases. This ability and psychological desire was given by God or whomever you believe in. Lesbianism is a sexual preference and does not interfere with or take away your ability for motherhood.

An article from Time Science & Space Magazine said
“The authors found that children raised by lesbian mothers — whether the mother was partnered or single — scored very similarly to children raised by heterosexual parents on measures of development and social behavior.”(Park 2010)

On the other hand, religious and other groups in society feel very different and believe that it is morally wrong because of religious beliefs or the idea of a woman and woman instead of a woman and man. They have gone so far as to say that Lesbians raising children in unnatural and gives the child an unrealistic view of the husband/wife pattern normal in society.

Women with disabilities have children every day and have that same psychological desire to have children. This should not be hindered or frowned upon. Government does not have the right to determine if you are physically able to have and care for a child. I believe that they have taken the role of God into their hands to make this decision.
I worked with a girl name (Brenda – pseudo name) in Minnesota who was born with severe scoliosis, not even 4 feet tall and used a wheelchair to get about; however, she could drive a car and did. One day we all realized that Brenda was pregnant. What a shock to us all! We wondered who did this to a disabled person and was in shock and disbelief. We did not stop to think that she was disabled but still had the desire to have children and all that went along with it.
Brenda delivered a healthy, normal baby girl and the father of the child was with her and happy to. Of course, we all talked and about him having relations with a disabled person and it was not fair of us to do that. Brenda knew she was a woman and wanted us to be happy for her and treat her as an equal. Her baby girl was born beautiful and able to help her reach things where she could not and significantly enhanced her life and joy to the fullest.

Single women are having babies at alarming rates. Single motherhood is no longer relegated to a certain socio-economic status. Poor women and wealthy women alike are having children without marriage. Many of them chose not to get married or have not been asked and they feel their biological clocks ticking. So, they have made the decision to become a single parent. These women have that same desire as the others to have