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What is a NAS device?
NAS (Network-attached storage) is a data storage device which provides multiple users to access the same data while connected to the same computer network. NAS device systems contain one or more hard disks arranged as logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays. File serving is modified and fully controlled by NAS which relieves responsibility of all other servers on the network.

What is the speed of the network adapter on a NAS device? NAS adapters speed is usually one gigabit, which can be multiply to 10 gigabit by adding one or more PCI-network cards.

What is the capacity range?
Most NAS capacity range depend s on the add-on hard drive controller cards, which does not have a particular limit in size.

Is there any fault tolerance (such as RAID) built into a NAS device?
Raid 50 is considered to be fault tolerance, but this is not always guaranteed to work properly. RAID 10 is considered to be the best due to no loss in data if one or more drives fail all at the same time.

Are management features available?
Management features are available using software tools to distribute spacing, manage RAID, perform routine maintenance, and other administrating functions.

2. Speculate on why a user would want to use a NAS. For example, what would be the advantage of all family photos and videos being stored on a NAS in a family where the parents and children all had their own computers?
Each one of them would have full access to these files