What Were The Root Causes Of Bacon's Rebellion

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Many historians agree that the events that occurred during Bacon’s rebellion express some of the most complex of interactions between people of different origins and mind-sets. This year long battle between the early English colonists of 1676 and the surrounding Indian tribes of the Mid-Atlantic region was fueled by many previous problems the English colonists faced. The battle known as Bacon’s Rebellion resulted in the mass genocide and relocation of thousands of Native Americans and also gave way to the colonists’ desire for independence. Since Bacon’s Rebellion was such a substantial crisis during the late 17th century it is important to take note of the main problems that came about during that year of battle and rebellion. Economic troubles …show more content…
Though all of these factors play an important role in the establishment of Bacon’s Rebellion, one seems to be the most pertinent, economic troubles. The financial problems the early colonists faced were the root issue that affected all. As a colony just starting to grow and establish itself in the new world, life is stressful enough trying to live a day-to-day life. In order to survive, colonists needed money. So, when there was a shortage or a lot of families were struggling, everyone was affected. When something like severe weather, the rise in price of tobacco, or a rise in price on goods imported occurs, it is easy to blame someone else for the problem. The colonists blamed the Indians for their financial struggles which in turn created great conflict and battles or war between the Indians and the English colonists which then gave rise to the need for the right leader, who Berkeley and Bacon both fought to be. At the root of all the problems that were crucial in explaining the crisis that was Bacon’s Rebellion is economic