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Lack of Affection Syndrome vs. Infidelity During the demonstration of emotional deprivation syndrome is exhibited in circumstances where the maturation of the child's character is interrupted by the very poor emotional stimulation. The situation it is almost impossible for the individual arises to have a healthy development without the love, affection, security of their parents. The human being has the great need that is very essential to obtain these fundamental basic needs of their parents and thus to achieve a healthy maturation in the area of development. If an discrepancy in certain stages of growth, the person affected your process will look at certain levels of behavior, manifesting itself in the course of his life for the lack of affection from their parents. The affective role of the family assumes a great importance on emotional development in the early stages of the life of a child not manifest affective deficiency syndrome. One of the features of this syndrome arises in early age. Principally when a child has been emotionally affected by the deprivation of affection. Nevertheless this indicates the valuable role of parents, especially mothers in the area of condition that they provide to their children, the lack of this component causes serious problems when the child reaches adulthood. The consequences of this lack of serious disturbances occur in the area of individual development, somatic disorders, disorders of affect, and in the area of behavior. The mother has an extremely important role, when it presents the maternal affection towards the child. The consequences are reflected in the infant occur in children in an emotional state of being in great need of being loved and a great fear of being abandoned.

The child is constantly looking for love and is such a need in which the infant feels that this slope to the slightest sign of affection, love and protection. It remains almost constantly in search of loved ones. Likewise, it is manifested in an attitude of exaggerated feeling, but coming to a point of satiety, which is manifested by a co-dependent behavior to the condition and thus can feel secure. This syndrome affects in the negative way, and do not discriminate, by age, social level or by race. The development of the person who manifesting this syndrome depends on social factors and the social environment in which it develops the person. The evolution of individuals who develop this syndrome depends on a few of the factors of social environment in which the person lives, managing to form patterns of behavior which describes the behavior of individuals from childhood to adulthood. This are some of the symptoms that present the person in different stages of his/her live:
Children who are constantly crying, do not look happy, and usually are mostly exposed to acquiring infectious diseases in nature. Health problems in the digestive system, regression, or hiatal hernia.
School age At this stage the child shows disturbances in the area of learning, not because they do not have the potential to learn but because they need to concentrate, but do not make it through the gaps that are emerging within the home. Similarly is past in different areas: verbal expression problems, language problems and syntactic. At this stage of school age these children face constant frustration in the academic area is where self-esteem begins to decline. The child feels devalued, it cannot achieve their goals, therefore is psychologically devastating, making his own contempt begins to manifest pleasure in masochism in that it is an unfortunate. In a way it is taking its toll on his mother or father by not getting the love of them, blaming their parents for the situation you face. Likewise, other problems begin to arise in the area of behavior where the child feels that nobody wants, nobody cares about their welfare, which arises in the lower immense emotional…