Where I See Yourself In The Future

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Everyone has a special affinity of a place they call home. Maybe it’s because you love your job that is only ten minutes away. It could be the friends you made over the year. It could be the beach that is right behind your house. But there are other times you wish you could get out and live somewhere else like the city of New York, or moving into the suburban homes, or maybe even live alone out of nowhere. But which is more worthwhile in the end? Living in Charlotte, North Carolina was a place where I was raised and nurture most of my life but being in Stamford, Connecticut is where I always wanted to live. Between the two states, making the decision of where I see myself in the future will be based on three factors; family-fun activities, convenience weather, and the closeness of family.
Being in Charlotte can be challenging to adapt its weather conditions. During the spring, imagine yourself being in front of the scorching sun, sweat pouring out from your dry skin. There are green, vibrant trees and clear blue skies that warm the boiling atmosphere. On the other hand, Stamford has a searing heat wave that makes it difficult to see far ahead in the distance. Its unforgiving heat makes it perfect to enjoy nearby populated beach areas. The eternal summer in Charlotte is far more generous and warm. It’s easier to enjoy a restful walk under the bright, glowing dome. Whereas, in Stamford, has an innocent sensation that gives color into the domestic city. The cool and spooky fall in Charlotte, brings a grey sensation to those that love a breezy and cooling atmosphere day and night. However, in Stamford, fallen leaves scatter in the front yard and across the narrow street. In the bitter cold of Charlotte, it would be nothing more than a working air condition that keeps the house nice and cozy. While in Stamford, you can hear the laughter of children across the street and see snowball flying across in mid-air while listening to traffic noises from the cold distance. In Charlotte, outside activities were limited to my family because of work schedule and being far from restaurants and recreation. Working late at night means that we couldn’t go anywhere at night like eating out together or hang with our relatives. Most of the time, we had to do nothing but watch endless movies on Netflix. While working on the weekends and going to school on the weekdays, I hardly see them every day. Additionally, places like going to the gym or eating outside can be difficult since we live half an hour away from civilization. Our home in Charlotte became our resting place. Whereas in Stamford, there are numerous restaurants, parks, and stores nearby. You could literally walk from your house to a Chili’s restaurant that