Which Of The 12 Gods Of Mount Olympus

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Which of the 12 gods of mount Olympus do you think were the most popular in ancient society and why? Do you think it was confusing for the people to have so many gods?

In Ancient society all twelve Gods were very important and popular. They all had their individual roles and the people who worshipped the gods would pray to them for a specific reason. As I said the twelve gods were all popular in ancient society. However some more than others, I think the most popular gods would have been Poseidon, Hermes, Zeus and Athena. I will be explaning why I think these were the most popular and if the Greeks might have found it confusing having so many Gods.

Firstly (after Zeus) I believe Poseidon would have been one of the most popular as he was god of the sea. I think being the god of the sea would make you a popular god as the sea was used a lot. The Greeks used the sea for things such as Trading, going to battle and it was a good source of for food. The sea was also the main source of transport. So this gave the Greeks many reasons as to why they would worship him. We can also see Poseidon was a popular god as he was honoured in many ways he had the Isthmian games, they were dedicated to him and held every two years they were the second most important games after the Olympics. This shows us that that the Greeks did value his role and what he could do with them.
I also think Hermes would have been a popular god as he the messenger of all gods and one of his roles would have been to bring the souls of the dead down to the underworld which was an important thing to do and people would have honoured and worshipped him for there loved ones that they had lost to have there soles taken down peacefully. Hermes also was the messenger of the gods so he would have flown (his main symbol to that depices him is his winged shoes meaning he could fly and that’s how he got transported to where he needed to go) around. So I believe he would have been popular with the Gods and with Greek society. We can also see he was very popular in Greek society as Statues were placed of him at the entrance of houses and towns as he was also the god of boundaries and transgression.
Athena was the god of war wisdom and domestic crafts. Even though Athena was not the main god of war I believe people would have prayed to Athena over Ares as the gods did not like him therefore the Greeks would follow the gods opinion and pray to Athena for help with the war. Therefore people would pray to her to ask for help whilst they were fighting in battle, in the hope they would win and not be killed. As she