Who Is Benedict Arnold A Traitor

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Life of a Traitor, Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the United States. This research paper, it will describe the early life of Benedict Arnold. The paper will talk about his experiences as a General in the United States Army, and finally Benedict Arnold’s choice that he made turn a traitor.
Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on the 14th of January 1741. According to the web site benedictarnold.org (2013). He was the great grandson of Benedict Arnold who was the Colonial governor of Rhode Island between 1663 and 1678. He was the fourth generation to bear the name Benedict Arnold. Benedict received a respectable education and even learned some Latin. He was a very impulsive person would was governed by impulse
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In 1762 he moved to New Haven where he worked as a druggist and a book seller. On February 22, 1767, he married the daughter of Samuel Mansfield, Margaret. They had three sons, Benedict, Richard, and Henry. Margaret died 19 June, 1775.
Benedict Arnold began as a Captain in the Militia. According to the web site biography.com website Benedict Arnold (N/A). On May 10, 1775, Arnold partnered with frontiersman Ethan Allen to seize New York’s Fort Ticonderoga. Benedict Arnold, persuaded the Continental Congress to authorize the invasion of Quebec on June 27, 1775. Congress decided to grant the command to General Philip Schuyler. Since Benedict was passed over for the first invasion of Canada, he convinced General George Washington. That he could lead a second expedition. The mission ran into problems from the beginning because of poor timing and other reasons caused the battle to fail. Benedict Arnold received a severe leg wound and was carried off the field, and the Americans ended up being defeated during this battle. In 1776 Benedict Arnold fought in the battle of Lake Champlain, and in 1777 he fought in the Battle of Saratoga. According to the web site