Who Is John Proctor's Confession In The Crucible

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As part of human instinct, people do not want to be depicted as awful individuals. Therefore, admitting your issues is extremely fearing to do due to how it can change your appearance to the community encompassing you. In the famous tragedy, The Crucible, by playwright Arthur Miller, there are many unfair trials, and thus, false confessions play a significant role. The Crucible is a play primarily in view of Salem witch trials, where individuals are dishonestly blamed for witchcraft and are acquired in front of powerful, strict judges. These trials often brought about numerous honest individuals getting hanged, unless they confessed. John Proctor, a primary character, chooses not to confess, which leads to his hanging. In any case, John Proctor made three confessions out of good aim, which were confessing adultery to Elizabeth, his wife, admitting adultery to the court, and admitting he was a witch; he made these confessions with expectations of being a superior individual, but they only led to his downfall as encompassing individuals considered less him and in the end, he died. We witness the first of Proctor’s confessions soon into the play as he confesses to Elizabeth Proctor about an affair he had …show more content…
At first, John is illustrated as a man of his word; however, he is forced to make confessions in an attempt to redeem himself from his iniquities. Miller is indicating how one's activities are fit for changing their life drastically. This is appeared as Proctor starts his ghastly confessions to Elizabeth and the court. His first confession to Elizabeth deemed Proctor as a lecher and a liar. His next confession prompted to a large portion of the group in Salem, not just Abigail and Elizabeth, trusting that he committed adultery. Finally, John’s last confession resulted in not only embarrassment but his