Who Is The Greater Hero Essay

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Daniel Youssef
Mrs. Mancini
English 9 Honors/ Period 2
5 December 2012
Who is the Greater Hero?
Achilles displays far more qualities of the epic hero than his coward counterpart, Hector, in the epic poem The Iliad by Homer. He surpasses in bravery, he achieves his goal, and he is a man of action. Achilles took action when his best friend, Patroclus, was killed by Hector in battle. Achilles with no fear went out to defeat Hector and avenge his friend. Hector was a coward for he ran from Achilles three times around the walls of Troy. Once Athena stopped him they fought, but Achilles skill was far surpassed Hector’s and he, “… aimed at an opening in it near the throat, and drove the spear point in. Hector fell, dying at last” (199). Achilles shows courageousness, bravery, and how he is a man of action. Achilles had no fear when he faced Hector and that is a true quality of a hero. Also, once Achilles heard his best friend died he never even hesitated to think, and he went out to take revenge upon the warrior who killed his friend. Also, Achilles accomplishes his goal of killing Hector and avenging Patroclus’s death. He would not stop until he would, ‘“… kill the destroyer of him I loved: then I will accept death when it comes”’ (197). Achilles follows his word or goal and slaughters Hector and takes vengeance upon Patroclus’s death. Once, Achilles sets his mind to something he will accomplish that goal. Achilles has and always will be remembered as the far greater hero than