Who Was Guilty? Essay

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Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, a dual suicide has occurred. Romeo and Juliet have taken their lives in an attempt to be with each other. Who, might I add has caused this? The rather complicated and persistent question of Romeo and Juliet still eludes society. This individual has precipitated the death of the young star-crossed lovers and brought sorrow to both families. Though with intents of fusing both families for peace, death became the unexpected result. This suspect is none other than the holy monk of the church, Friar Lawrence.
The Friar disagrees to marry the young couples, however changes his mind after considering that peace will result. Thinking, of course, of the consequences by marrying Romeo and Juliet, the Friar marries them in secret with only Balthasar and the Nurse as witnesses. His understanding of the situation escalates through the death of Mercutio and Tybalt. This in return, has Romeo banished from Verona and reconsiders the mind of both Capulet’s to allow Paris to take Juliet’s hand in marriage. Juliet, still mourning over Romeo’s banishment, flees to Friar Lawrence hoping to seek guidance of postponing the marriage. This leads to the Friar’s second mistake, giving Juliet a poison to enter a death-like coma. His third and final mistake was of not informing the messenger that the letter was of high importance. This in return results in Romeo’s action in taking his own life. Friar Lawrence, of course, is a holy man. He would never harm another being for any cause. Therefore proving he never killed the two. Friar Lawrence isn’t the only suspect as well. Capulet not only forced Juliet to marry Paris, but also threatened to disown her and cut her financially. The Nurse begs Juliet to consider marrying Paris, proving her feelings toward Romeo were as they say “sour”. Lady Capulet, mourning over Tybalt’s death, threatened to send over someone and deliver a killing blow to Romeo in Mantua. The more suspects that pop up give the Jury the opportunity to look over this case. The Friar is the most suspicious of all with the following proof that will be shown to the