Twelve Angry Men Essay

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Tweleve angry Men

The movie Twelve Angry Man is a drama which was written by Reginald Rose and was broadcast as a television play in 1954. It became a successful film in 1957 which concerned the deliberations of the jury of a homicide trial. It was a strained debate between twelve gentlemen about an 18-year-old boy who was accused to kill his father guilty or not guilty. It was a really interesting and dramatic situation.
In the movie, there are 12 men with different characteristics. However, there are two jurors who stand out and the most exposed that make me want to mention here is juror No.3 and juror No.8. They are person who take in their hand the fate of a young boy. They have to think very carefully in this case instead of jump to conclusion in the beginning. This is an open and shut case which means all evidence seems prove one way of conclusion. And it seemed that all the proof proved that the young boy was guilty .
At first, it is easy to recognize the differences between the personalities of these two jurors Juror No.8 is Henry Fonda, an architect; he wore the white suit in the movie. With his decision not guilty, all the gentlemen have to make a discussion about that case. He doesn’t want to make an immediate vote about the fate of the boy; it is not an easy thing like people thought. He needs time to consider, and he wants to look at all the evidence which can give another result or clue. He is described as a thoughtful and gentle who is usually portrayed as the most heroic member of the jury. Moreover, he is very patient with the debate; while everybody seems easy to get mad, he always keeps calm and gives reasons for his ideas. He said, “It’s always difficult to keep personal prejudice out of a thing like this. And wherever you run into it, prejudice always obscures the truth. I don’t really know what the truth is. I don’t suppose anybody will ever really know. Nine of us now seem to feel the defendant is innocent, but