Whose to Blame Essay

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Who’s to Blame?

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the murder of King Duncan is the turning point of the tragedy, shedding light on the truly immoral capability of both Macbeth and his wife. Both took a wicked part in the murder of their King, between Lady Macbeth’s evil persuasion and her husband’s vicious actions. Though neither were innocent, when placing the blame Macbeth should be held accountable for the murder of Duncan. Not only did he physically carry out the murder, but also he had enough will power to commit the deed. Going against his own conscience, he allowed himself to be influenced by his wife. In the play, Macbeth made it clear that despite his own doubts, fears, and guilty conscience, he wanted to commit this murder and attain the throne. He may have had his wife’s support and aid, but ultimately Macbeth committed the murder and is therefore responsible.
Macbeth should take full accountability because I don't believe in the concept that someone else can make you do something that you don't want to do, especially something as serious as murder. Macbeth sought to assassinate the king, and Lady Macbeth gave him a push when he wavered from the plan. If he really didn't want to kill the king, he would not have gone through with it. She undoubtedly has a certain control over him, but he did act alone. Interestingly, later in the play Macbeth becomes more capable of committing heinous of acts without any guilt, while Lady Macbeth loses her mind because her