Why Ban Books Should Be Banned Essay

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People may see this and have multiple questions on their mind. For example “Why ban books anyway?”, “Who are these poor authors, and what books of theirs are banned?”, “So are banned books a good thing or a bad thing?” Not to worry now dear person, the answers shall provided.
So why ban books anyway? In Natalie DiBlasio’s article “Schools Once Again Face Bind Over Censorship vs. Book Lists” a Library Association spokeswoman states, “The top reasons for challenges are sexually explicit content, offensive language and violence” . Authors, J.K. Rowling in particular, are having their books banned because it involves, dark magic, and is giving kids the idea that it is ok to rebel against adults or adult figures. Since it’s just a book the child may not know that you shouldn’t practice dark magic, or that it’s ok that you’re rebelling against
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Kids should have the right to choose what it is they want to read. “Often the organizations or schools that ban these books fail to see the book as a whole; they often center the one page, the one scene, or even the one word containing the offensive language or meaning and judge the whole book based on that one aspect,” says John Green in Adriana Lopez’s article “Literary Censorship in Schools Impedes Progress”. Caitlyn Gearhart has read some of these books before, and the author took vigorous notes on everything Caitlyn said. “I have read some of these books before,” says Caitlyn. “I whole-heartedly agree with Green. Most of the books I read are banned already in the first place. Most of them only have that one area or scene where it’s a little sketchy, but there is only that part. Otherwise there is no reason for it to be banned.” Kids should have the freedom of choosing whether or not they want to read whatever book they want. Books are entertainment to people of all ages. If a student wishes to read a certain book that may include some sort or vulgar content, they should have to right to do