Why Citizens Should Be Required To Join The Army

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Persuasive Essay

The United States is a country populated with over 318 million people, people who should serve their country with military service. Many countries make this service mandatory, why shouldn't we? We should have people who want to be involved to help the community. We should have people who want to become better and make their country better. Citizens should be required to join the army because they will become healthy and skilled while spreading their strong patriotism.

Some people in America have been the reason why the United States obtained the label of the “obese country”. Americans sit around trying all types of different food, we gain calories and never really do much to get rid of them. While joining the military, citizens will be encouraged by their commanders to have a healthy lifestyle of eating, soon to change one's life completely. A healthy diet will not only benefit the body, but it will help with a good happy attitude. It will also stretch the life rate upon an individual.
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They will learn perseverance, leadership, discipline, teamwork and time management. These are skills that will not only help out in combat but also in the everyday civilian life. Military training skills are beneficial to the community because whenever soldiers are done with their service, they bring back their discipline and help out the nation to work together and improve. Soldiers have to learn to work together in missions, they can easily apply that to the everyday life back home. People can contribute in putting effort in either education, business or in health and it will help the economy