Why Is It Important To Maintain Year-Round School?

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When it comes to the topic of summer break, most of us will readily agree that breaks are important, some people are convinced that schools should not have summer breaks, however others think that summer breaks should be maintained. I believe that The Boise school district should maintain their current summer vacation schedule because it allows students to gain the necessary skills to move on in life, traditional summer break schools have higher test scores compared to year-round schools, and it's imperative to the health and happiness of students. Summer break allows students the time to engage in activities that will help them in the future. Anita Balakrishnan says just the same thing. In her article “summer jobs turn into career paths for teens.” She …show more content…
Summer gives teens the opportunity to gain valuable life skills that will follow them past their schools, but these opportunities would be unavailable if summer break was abolished, potentially disabling the future labor force of the world. Traditional schools have higher test scores than year-round schools. A chart by the Southern California Consortium on Research in Education displays standardized test scores between traditional schools and year-round schools. This chart clearly shows that traditional students perform better in testing (Source C). This information demonstrates that traditional schools perform better than year-round schools. Most people who believe in year round schools, such as Mr. Ganderson from the “year round school is what’s needed” article, would say they prefer year round schooling for better education and learning, but as one can see in the chart, that is simply not the case. Summer break is beneficial towards the mental health and happiness of