Why Obama Won Essay

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Why Obama Won
With the dust having settled, the question still lingers in the minds of 43% of Americans, “Why did President Obama win?” Let me put forth the reason that I believe why Obama won. I believe that Obama won not because of “increased” job growth, the auto bailouts or the economy. It was instead due to different demographic groups that sealed his victory.
The Obama campaign early on and consistently throughout the process targeted select demographic groups as being the keys to victory. The groups vital to his campaign were single mothers and Hispanics. The support for Obama within the African American community was largely a given. The one thing in common between these groups was that they were made up largely of single parent families. Well over 40% of newborns are now born in our country to single parents, which makes this a very large demographic. Within the Hispanic population, 50% of newborns live with only a single parent. More than 70% of newborn African Americans don’t have the benefit of being born and raised in a two parent family. In these polls, these demographic groups were the major difference between victory and defeat this past Tuesday. These groups supported Obama because “Uncle Sam” is now taking the place of the fatherly figure in these families. The problem with this is that Uncle Sam cannot stand in for Dad when there is a problem with homework.
Uncle Sam cannot stand in for Dad when the child has a question about science or one about having good values and morals. Uncle Sam cannot stand in when the boy is lured to join a gang or have unsafe sex that. Uncle Sam cannot stand in for Dad when the kid wants to learn how to throw a ball. It is up to the father to do that, to be there for…