Why We Should Start Later In High School Essay

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“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” - Mahatma Gandhi. Teens are at an extremely important stage of their growth and development. Most teens need more sleep than adults. The average teen needs about nine hours of sleep each night to feel prepared for the next day, alert, and well rested. Start times for high schools have kids struggling to keep up while staying awake. School times are depriving students of their sleep, education, and personal life.

Students high schools have become sleep deprived, and struggle to get through the day. Causing students to miss out on the education they need. “Most high schools begin their day around 7:30 a.m., which leaves many teenagers nodding off in the
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“School boards often hear objections about disruptions at the other end of the school day: Kids getting home really late from sports practice or chess club. Or not being able to work after-school jobs.” The only big problem that stands in the way is transportation. Most of the time, schools are not able to afford the buses making multiple trips, and effectively cut down on the costs by making school earlier. Another challenge schools faced were after-school sports schedules. They were concerned with the fact starting schools later would affect them. Their fix was to shorten the number of minutes they take to get from one class to another. The result was that the high schoolers could start school later but end their school day at about the same time, without disrupting the athletic schedule. And to make matters easier, the students agreed to this change! Many people state that schools do not have their students in mind, only what they spend, but this is not true. This shows that schools are worried about how much sleep a student is getting, and how much they are learning every single day. Additionally, they are taking measures to help high school be a smooth and possibly fun time in their life. Of course, the education system is not perfect, but they are striving to make it perfect. But on the contrary, there are some benefits to having teens waking up early for