Essay on why we study religions

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Why bother with a study of World Religions? Throughout history, Religion has always been present and linked with mankind in various shapes or forms. You can hardly find any events or issues in history books that were not linked, caused, or affected by religious influences. Religion has been one of the major influences on shaping the culture of people in different areas, as well as a country’s relationship towards others. Because religion has been so tightly linked with the history of human beings, studying the world religions will help us increase our knowledge of not only the other religions, but about other people’s culture as well. Although I have been attending a catholic school for the 4 years of my life, I was fortunate enough to share that experience with people who have faith in other religions. For example, a couple friends of mine were Islam. Because of their religious traditions, they had occasional fasting sessions during their religious holidays, and would go days without eating anything. Had I ran ever into other Islamic people without the description of their religious tradition from my friends, I probably would have considered those customs to be a bit extraordinary, or even think of those actions as an “not normal” action. Not only does knowing the beliefs and traditions of other religions increase our level of knowledge, but it also allows us to respect others and maintain good relationships with others. Understanding other people’s beliefs also…