Why we shouldn't use oil as major source of energy Essay examples

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No. We should not continue using oil as the major source of energy.

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July 2, 2014

For the past several decades we have been relying on oil as our major source of energy. It is oil that driven the industrial revolution and turn the global economy into what it is right now. However, the increasing rate of our reliance and hunger for oil has been causing us devastating problems so awful that we can’t afford to ignore it anymore. It is a fact that the global oil reserve won’t run dry in either today or tomorrow but we are running out of supply. I believe that oil should not be the only major source of energy because of the following reasons, first, the
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(The world's worst offshore oil rig disasters, 2 January 2014, par. 1)
From the article above and the graph above, (2012) we could conclude that the quest for oil does not only have money to be considered but the damage and impact to the environment and to human lives also. So if we are aware of the ill effects of oil, how can we tackle this problem? The only answer is “Alternative Renewable Energy”. Most renewable energy comes from the sun, so we do not need to drill or putting any creature’s life into the balance. Solar energy’s source comes from the sun, solar energy can be converted and used directly for heating and electricity for home, office needs or other activities that requires electricity.
The sun’s heat also mobilizes the wind, with which its energy can be captured by wind mills/turbine. Also, sun’s heat can cause water to evaporate, which will turn into rain that pour from above and goes through rivers and stream. The water movement can be captured by watermills which will turn the water movement to electricity. This phenomenon is called hydroelectric power. Along with rivers and rains, sunlight also causes plants to grow; all the organic matter that causes plants to grow and live is called biomasses. After the plant dies and becomes garbage, we can extract its biomass to