Wind and Little Help Essay

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In 2004 florida was hit with a "doublecaine'' also known as Jeanne and Francis. The two hurricanes were just 3 weeks apart and both were catergory 3's. When the hurricanes were on there destructive path the only thing we culd was too prepare
First we had to board the windows, the process took longer then we thought because we were hit with some thunder storms before so it was good thing we had help.first, we went to the store to buy the wood ,and traffic was so backed up that a police officer had too direct traffic. we finally got to the store after 20 minutes of non stop honking and back up traffic. When we got the wood home we had to taped a big shiny x across the windows and with a little help from some family the thick plywood was up.In all this preperation outside we had to prepare the in side.

Next, we had to stock up for the long run we have gotten water, can food and dry food,and gas to last us the numerous days of being without power . We also had to watch the news to see where the terrible two were going or when they were coming. the next thing we had to stock was batteries we had to get all shape and size from a to dd so when the lights went out because we knew there were going out we could still watch tv on our battery operated advice what could happen,or how long it could happen

Howling in the wind, as i sit squashed between my bed and my dresser wondering when this will be over.Slamming of wood against the window,was…