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Part A

a) Describe your chosen grape variety.

i. The history of the varietal

Alsace is fairy-tale like place of wine production. It is a city of 118 towns with centuries of history. Vineyards are filled with sunshine and every half-timbered house has been decorated gorgeously with flowerpots by their windows. In Alsace, the Romans have propagated the grape cultivation techniques at the beginning of the 1st century. Alsace began to accelerate on its wine production as it was known as wine that ‘makes people festive and empowered’ during the Merovingian dynasty and the Carolingian dynasty. Vine cultivation of Alsace was at its crest in the 16th centaury but unfortunately the period of prosperity ended with the start of the World War I. However, after viticulturists adopted a new strict policy of quality control, Alsace wine celebrated its new chapter of flourish.
The Wine Bible (2010) Carran Macneil., p127-130The Greatest Wine (2008) Robert.M .Parker Jr.p400-405 ii. Its major appellations (where the grape is grown in the world) Alsace is the second northernmost wine production region in France, first being Champagne; though surprisingly it is not cold or gloomy, but rather dry and sunny. Alsace region is unaffected by oceanic climate since the Vosges Mountains works as the bulwark, therefore rains the least in France. Vineyards are located on the hills between altitude of 200-400m of the Vosges Mountains consequently is blessed with the benefit of sunshine. Although grapes have time-consuming growing phase, wine has extremely delicate aroma since it ripens completely. Moreover, soil is composed of various types such as limestone, granite, clayey, schist, and sandstone, which make a sight of gigantic mosaic. Numerous varieties show their distinctive characteristics due to terrior that is diversely constituted throughout 15 000 hectare.

iii) The typical style of wine that is made from your chosen variety Alsace is one of the few regions for wine production throughout the world that focuses on brewing white wine. Usually Alsace cultivates over 7 kinds of grapes and produces rare type of white wine, which is difficult to find in other regions of France. The most crucial kinds of green grapes are Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Pinot Blanc and the only kind of red grape is Pinot Noir, which cultivated only in small quantity. Generally speaking, the method of mixing different grape varieties to produce wine is not used in Alsace and the name of grape variety is always declared on the label for most high quality wines. Some of wine producers even state the name of vineyard where the grapes were harvested.
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b) Research your selected wine and share any interesting facts relating to :
i. The producer Hugel et Fils;Hugel’s family, founded in 1639 prevailing through twelve generations introduced AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) and contributed greatly to import it into Alsace region and to spread this to the brewing industry. Jean Hugel(1924-2009) was one of the most influential individual in Alsace. Not only did he arrange AOC system constructively, he insisted the need of regulation in order to make legal status for Selections de Grains Nobles (sweet botrytis wine) and Vendage Tardive (late harvest wine). Later in 1984, the regulation had been established for these two types of wine., Retrieved Mar. 30, from ii. viticulture

Hugel et Fils Vinery is a 100% family managed vinery through twelve generations, established in the beautiful town of Riquewihr in Alsace in France. Furthermore they are