Women Higher Education Essay

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Nowadays, there is existence about a social phenomenon that women make up more than two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults. When it comes to education, girls worldwide get the short end of the stick. In other words, the number of women who accepted higher education is much lower than men who accepted higher education. There are three reasons are listed as followed. Firstly, girls may be kept out of school to help with housework. Secondly, they may be pulled from school if their father deems it's time for them to marry. Thirdly, there may only be enough money to educate one child from the family -- and the boy assumes the responsibility. Due to the limitation of accepting education for women, it brings negative effects to influence their lives. Therefore, women should get more higher education to improve their social status and vocational opportunities. Advocating society to offer a higher education for women can improve their social status. According to the article of educating for Power: How Higher Education Contributes to the Stratification of Social Class (2007), the author Alissa demonstrated that people who accepted the different degree of education have different influence in social status. In other words, if women accept lower educational or don’t acquire opportunity to study, they will obtain lower social status in society; equally, higher educational easily stays in a higher social stage. However, in fact, a survey about the situation of women acquire opportunity to study reported that the number of existence of women who can’t obtain opportunities to accept higher education are spread in the whole world. For example, two - thirds of the approximately 880 million adults, who unable to read or write articles in the world, are women. Furthermore, about 66 percentages of the approximately 113 million children who are unable to accept education are girls (Allan, 2011). Hence, in order to improve women’s social class, offering chances of higher education for them is a good method. Encouraging society to offer higher education for women is improving their social status; it as well as benefit women getting a lot of vocational opportunities. Compared to women who unable to read and write, women who being encouraged to go to school can obtain more chances to choice different jobs, which are have higher salary. Subsequently, women easily find their jobs which are they interested in. Accordingly, a finding about the relationship between job satisfaction between education strongly support that studies of job satisfaction should take education into account in organizations in the future (Brush et al. 2004), when level of education increases, the level of job satisfaction dismisses. Furthermore, it means getting the consequence of a lot of job choices was observed for education. A recent research on job satisfaction by Metle has focused on promoting high-level education as a method of increasing job choice that women can choose their favorite job. The results of this research show that educational background and educational level have huge significance on rich the opportunities of occupations (Metle, 2001). Consequently, if society implement the action that offering higher education for women, the higher qualities of jobs are increased for women choosing. While some people claim that gaining more knowledge could not improve women’s social status and generate many vocational opportunities. At the firstly, some people reveal that there are no connection between social status and