Women In Ancient Egypt Vs. Preworld War II

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Ancient Egypt Vs. Pre­World War II Women throughout time have played many roles that have changed the ways of history.
Since the ancient times of Egypt to the historic battles of World War II in the United States many things have stayed the same but also have changed. Government and stay at home women in both eras were both alike and very distinct in many different ways. Despite the difference in time and parts of the world, the roles of women have always made an impact in society and the world.
Ancient walls, tombs, monuments with hieroglyphics have shown us many examples of the roles women played in Ancient Egypt. Egypt was a beacon of progress on the horizon of humanity, but a cruel and barbarous civilization all the same. The government in Egypt allowed women almost equal rights as men but depending on the social class they were in, the women were given different roles according to the families they were born into which defined their social class. Classes were based on social views, not gender; therefore, upper class women could, manage, own, sell, and trade private property which included slaves, land, portable goods, servants, livestock, and money. Women could resolve legal settlements. Women could also dispute any legal issues like signing contracts. Middle class women did not have the same rrights as upper class women, in fact, some of them would be the upper class women’s slaves. In addition, the government in the United States during World War II did not hold the same views as Egyptians. Women in the era of Pre­World War II were mainly housewives who would stay at home while the men worked. These women had barely any rights. They couldn't own, sell, or trade land, or vote like the Egyptian women. Many could not get jobs since men looked at them as “inferior”. During the war when all the men were sent overseas, the women took over the lead roles. Women proved that they could do everything men did, they worked day jobs, took care of

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children, women were even allowed into the war as nurses and aids for the first time. Women in
Egypt and the United States throughout World War II were both very important in the home.
In both the ancient times of Egypt and the horrible times of World War II women have always lead the roles of mothers and will always continue to do so. During World War II even though women then had more rights and played the roles of me while they were away, they still had to be at home being wives and mothers. Women then were earning more by becoming doctors, lawyers, and other occupations but nonetheless still had to be full time wives and mothers to provide for their children. For the men who came back injured or suffering from shellshock, and support their husbands overseas, and not to mention the children. They managed the finances at home, paid all major bills, cleaned the house, cooked dinner and managed to work on top of all this. In addition, Egyptian upper class women could own slaves, making it easier on the Egyptian women who did not have to work long hours and then come home to the wife and mother duties. The lower class women were illiterate since their mothers would teach them as well as housework while the boys went off to school. Usually women helped their husbands with their jobs but many had their own jobs. Between the women in Ancient Egypt and World War II, there was a big difference on the roles of women. Unfortunately,