Women In The United States

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Society has come a long way since the days of women being expected to only be housewives and home-makers. Some of the most powerful people in business are women and the United States may have a female president one day. Men have become more accepting of women being involved in the work place and have started to work with them better. A powerful woman is something that young girls should strive to be. However, the problem is that these women will never be equal to men. That is not fair, and young girls can see it. This tends to discourage them and puts the future of powerful women into jeopardy. We need young girls to have a desire to strive to be the best, but in order for them to want that they need to see they can be considered equal to men. …show more content…
The question that needs to be asked is; Why? Women have begun to show that they can be powerful in the work place, even more powerful than men. Hillary Clinton is a great example of a powerful women. She is running for president in 2016 and is the front-runner for the Democratic Party. If a woman were to win it would be a milestone for powerful women in the workplace. In this year it is time for women to begin laying a bigger role in the socio-economic status of the United States. They should be paid as much as a man and treated as equals. The pay gap needs to decrease even more than it already has, to the point where the pay gap does not even exist anymore. Men have no more capability of being a strong and powerful business person than a woman does. Some may argue that a man is a better fit to the “powerful jobs,” but some believe that men are worried about women becoming a threat in the work place. Equality of women has progressed so quickly over the last decade or so that men have already begun to become second best. It is time for women to be the best. It is time to start a new era where strong and powerful women is not something different or bad. Women need to be seen as equals to men in the work place and considered equals in the economy. It is time for a change to be made. That change begins with creating equal pay for all, no matter what the job may