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Rosie Mobbs
Unit 45
Rob Clegg
Unit 45- Independent learning
M1- Explain the value of three different resources in the preparation of the complex piece of work.
D1- Evaluate the three resources in terms of validity.

In this assignment I am going to be talking about a complex piece of work that I have already done for an assignment, and I will be explaining the value of 3 different resources and evaluating the 3 sources in terms of validity. The 3 resources that I am going to be talking about are: the internet, a text book, and NHS facts. I found all of these resources useful in different ways, and also reliable in different ways. I chose these particular resources because I have many opinions about them, some good, some bad. The
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It was also laid out in a good and easy format, because it was made for young people my age. So therefor, it wasn’t all written in big blocks of writing that you had to keep reading through just to find one bit of information that you needed. So the main point is that it was easy information to put into your own words, and that you knew would be correct because it was written by professionals, and would be used by other schools across the country, so all the information inside would be correct.
The validity of the text book was also really good because I knew that it was genuine as it had been written by professionals, so that young people also of my age would be able to use them in their health and social care studies, and could easily rely on all of the information being 100% correct. A good point to the information being valid, would be that you wouldn’t have to worry about any parts of your work being incorrect and you also wouldn’t have to worry about being marked down for any incorrect information. So therefor, correct information would obviously be extremely helpful. A positive point about the source would be that because it was a text book that had been designed for people my age, lots of images were involved throughout the whole book. This was personally good for me because I am more of a visual learner and