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My argumentative paper is about dieting versus exercising and the audience is geared towards people who are not sure of what method to abide by. I basically am trying to inform the reader about the benefits of each way. I honestly don’t know how I am supposed to put character into this paper. I am trying to put the pros and cons of each argument and then at the end putting down what I think is best of the two. I suppose I can say this is a persuasive paper because I am trying to get my audience to get into a better lifestyle. In order to do this I am being as assertive as I can about each topic especially the exercising paragraphs. That is why I am talking about appearance, health, and mentality for exercising. Those three qualities tie together because if you are healthy from the inside – meaning you have a healthy heart and your fat content is under control – then you will start to feel good and think you are getting somewhere with exercising. This now leads to mentality because it is in your mind that the more you work out the better you will look. Also because you want quick results, you will change your eating habits to accommodate this new lifestyle. Next is appearance due to fixed eating habit and daily cardio activities. With this new routine, you will see results in no time. I also incorporated dieting just to the audience can see how dieting works but it isn’t as effective as exercising. Dieting and working out both help the body transform into a