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Faculty of Mathematics


PD 2: Critical Reflection and Report Writing
Waterloo, Ontario

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#42-80 Strathaven Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 3V9

July 17, 2012

Mr. Tim Paci, PD2 Instructor
Professional Development Program
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1

Dear Mr. Paci,

This report, entitled “Professional Skills: Emotional Intelligence” was prepared as my 1B Work Report for PD2: Critical Reflection and Report Writing. This is my first work term report. The purpose of this report is to determine key emotional intelligence characteristics
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In addition, I usually feel comfortable expressing my feelings and ideas to friends, fellow students, and co-workers without feeling threatened.
Individuals who find their lives personally, academically, and socially rewarding are generally more successful in what they do (Multi-Health Systems Inc., 2012). People with happy dispositions are likely to be more proactive, resilient to adverse conditions, and less prone to stress symptoms. I am this type of person. I feel satisfied with my life, genuinely enjoy the company of others, and am able to derive pleasure from my daily routine.
For the weaknesses, my results from the Social Responsibility scale suggest that that I am fairly self-aspiring and may put my own desires and needs above those of others. In some cases, my results reflect recognition that I sometimes act without full consideration of the effects of my behaviors on others and further suggest a lack of regard for others or for social regulations. Furthermore, I appear to be lacking self-confidence in many, if not most situations. It is during these moments of uncertainty when my functioning may suffer. These areas should be considered an area for improvement.
2.2 Reflection
The results have been identified to help me maximize my social and emotional functioning by leveraging my strengths and by enhancing areas for development in order to achieve personal, academic, and professional success. Through