Monitoring And Motivating Organisations

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Working with and Leading People

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Executive Summary

Good Leader is a necessity of successful organisation. He thinks out of box. The process of leading begins with recruiting people and ends with the end of their job. Improving the skills and motivating them for doing their job efficiently throughout the period of their job is an essential part of leader’s job. He should be able to monitor the performance of its people on every stage and make his full efforts to improve it.


This report describes the how people are managed in Tesco. This is mainly about recruitment methods, team working and motivating employees. This report also includes the monitoring and improving the performance of employees.

1a. Characteristics of Potential Applicants

When a person is working in a store like Tesco he/she comes across a variety of people. He/she should be able to cope with the conditions and adapt according to situation. Mainly when we recruit an employee, following characteristics should be looked for:

▪ Excellent communication skills. ▪ Excellent listening skills ▪ Passionate about retail. ▪ Focusing on the customer and motivated to understand them better than anyone. ▪ Determined to achieve results through willpower and commitment. ▪ Committed to treating people in a fair and steady way. ▪ Determined to respond actively to customer feedback. ▪ Motivated to work in corporation with others to achieve individual and team objectives. ▪ Adaptable and flexible to succeed in a 24/7 business.

1b. Methods for selection in Tesco

Before the interview a preliminary selection test is one of the reliable methods of judging the candidate. Let us discuss these steps in brief:
Application: This provides relevant information about the applicants which is required for a particular job. This helps managers to screen the suitable people for position. This helps in initial screening of candidates.
Selection Test: While recruiting for a store a selection test should be taken in form of written test. It can be a set of questions which are asked from candidates. Question can be about response of candidate in certain situations, which workers come across while working in store often.
Interview: Interview reveals the personality of candidate in front of recruiter. This brings out a lot of hidden information. It can also enable interviewer to know the viewpoint of candidate about organisation. It also helps in assessing how he would be behaving on the job he has been offered. A candidate should have good knowledge about Tesco and its businesses.
Reference check: The selection process also uses background investigation or reference checks to check the authenticity of the information provided by the applicant. Finally, after an applicant is selected, the offer is made to him and on acceptance, the placement process starts.

1c. More about Selection Process

The most popular selection method is interviewing. It is therefore desirable that the selection process includes an additional selection exercise/test. This should be designed to gather information about the ability of short-listed candidates to carry out the specific duties of the post by testing aspects of the Person Specification, which cannot easily be evaluated by an interview or reference.

1d. legal, regulatory and ethical considerations

It is illegal and unethical to discriminate during selection process. Candidates should be selected only on merit basis. 1. The Sex Discrimination Act (1995): This act makes discrimination unlawful on basis of gender, marriage or gender reassignment. Discrimination under gender reassignment is prohibited when a person has gone, or intends to go for gender reassignment. 2. The Race Relations Act (1976): This act makes discrimination unlawful on the basis of race, color,