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The global economy does affect organizations and processes. The explosion of the internet has helped make this transition possible. “The telecommunications boom during the dot-com heyday caused the world to be encircled many times over by optical fiber that can be used for data and voice communications” (Kroenke, 2015, p. 489”). Organizations have had to learn the necessary skills and train the proper resources to ensure that the organization is ready to compete in the global marketplace. Project management needs to ensure that resources and process are up to date and ready for global use.
Information security is also affected by the global economy. Organizations understand the security risks involved in their home country, but the security risks are often unknown when entering foreign markets. Foreign markets carry different risks. These risks range from military unrest, economic uncertainty, and uncertain weather and climate changes. The IS department must understand the global marketplace that is entered. IS needs to understand what products will work in the marketplace before entering, and the IS department is responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure is ready.
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The requirements of doing business globally can be much different than the requirements of doing business domestically. The standard work week in the United States is 40 hours.