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Important themes of world civilization have been great influence of geography upon civilization. Geographic location was the common superiorities for Mesopotamian civilization, Nile civilization and Chinese civilization. China is located in the southeastern part of Asia and west of Pacific Ocean. It owns two rivers and Chinese civilization and empire develop here. Both Yangyzte River and Huang River give plenty of drinking water and fertile land. Good geographic position brings good climate to China. The climate in China is complicated but suitable for developing agriculture. In China, different places can grow different kinds of plants well. In Han dynasty, good geographic position led china to trade with other countries. The Silk Road made countries more connectable. Its long coastline is good to develop fishery. * Mesopotamian is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates. Rivers provide water and a way for travels. * Mesopotamian is close to Mediterranean Sea, Persian gulf and red sea, more opportunities to trade * climate—hot summers, less than 10 inches of annual rainfall * Crops grew in this dry region because of rivers, fertile soil * Flood was unpredictable and destructive, farmers didn’t know when to plant or how big flood would be. * Drought – period without enough rain and snowfall, lowered river levels, made it hard to water crops, people starved if crops failed. * Irrigation system carried water from river to fields * Mesopotamia was less geographically isolated, area had few mountains or natural barriers so it was easy to be attacked, Mesopotamians built mud walls around villages for protection * The Nile River made existence for a large population possible in a desert region. * Every year, the Nile would flood predictably and less destructively, so it brought rich soil to the lower reaches of the river course. This allowed agriculture to flourish. Because the delta area produced crops regularly, the society in that area was stable, and had more time for developing art and science. * Foreigners traded ideas and goods with Egypt by way of ships on the Mediterranean Sea. * Egypt built a more developed agricultural system that contributed to the continuity of its civilization * Egypt was surrounded by deserts, seas, mountains, so Egyptian enjoy a free security from external attack

2. * Qing shihuang was the first emperor of China. He was the first emperor who unified China. He first adopted legalism as political philosophy to administrate China, clear rules and harsh punishments to enforce state authority. There were many states which ruled by their own kings. Wars frequent happened and it great