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APOL 104
Worldview Assignment.
Part I.
What is a worldview?
Worldview can be expressed to have many different meaning depending on who you might ask.
From reading over the definition, my conclusion is it means “personal opinion”. Different backgrounds, morals, and how one was raised could also differ someone’s overall “worldview”; anywhere from religion, race, sex, social status, and even educational background.
Part II.
The Question of Origin simply asks, “How did life began?” and “How did mankind come into existence?” As Moses wrote in Genesis 1:1, he states what God created first;
Heavens and Earth. Also he wrote in 2Peter 1:21, God was identified as the “first cause” When dealing with The Question of Identity, it questions “What does it mean to be human?” and “Are humans more important than animals?” Genesis 2:15 basically says that man and women were created in God’s image. With that, they were both giving the responsible to be caretakers over the animals. Animals and the Earth are not to be worshipped, but in the same breath, man and woman are to take care over anything God created. The breakdown of Psalm 8:5 says that the Lord put man above the animals, and right below the angels. “Why does mankind exist?” to be exact, “Why I do exist?” are the Question of Meaning or Purpose happen to ask.
The Question of Meaning or Purpose, too me, would be the most seek for answers. These two questions are something everybody, regardless of religious tends to ask. For me, that would be something you could answer yourself. Your everyday moves, actions, and behavior could affect everybody without your knowing. YOU make your existence worth it of living. The positive or the negative in your life makes your existence less meaningful or not. “What is meant by right and wrong?” and “How should I live?” are what The Question of Morality or ethics ask.
For every action, there is an equal reaction. As we all know in Genesis 3, Adam ate the forbidden fruit knowingly. From that, mankind was in need of redemption. Knowing right from wrong is also something is taught in the household. People are naturally in-between when it comes to doing right from wrong. The Christians are born to believe that man is born into sin, Psalm 15; 5 told us that. It then continues to say, “And cannot save himself”. The last question and most important question to me is The Question of Destiny.
This question asks “Is there life after death?”, “Will I have to answer for the choices I made and how I lived my life?” This question, in a way, is similar to The Question of Morality and Ethics. Growing up my mother taught us that "whatever is done in the dark comes to the light". Whether someone physically sees us doing wrong, The Lord see's and knows all. Majority of Christians believe in two eternal states for all human beings; Heaven or Hell. Revelation 21:1-7 basically says that Heaven and Hell are both literal place. People will exist in the presence of God in Heaven, or being punished in Hell, says Revelation 20:11-15. Part III.
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