Wound Healing Essay

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The article “Factors Affecting Wound Healing” made me realize the intricacy of the process a wound must go through in order to heal. Hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remolding are all very important stages that lead to the healing of a wound. There are several factors and obstacles a wound must overcome before it can heal to its full capacity. When I was younger, I noticed how scraps and scratches (even the deeper ones) I’d receive from playing outside would heal and disappear quite rapidly. Now I am older and have observed similar cuts take a little bit longer to heal. I have always wondered why it seems like my wounds are taking longer to heal compared to my younger days. After reading this article, I have recognized some of the factors that may have come into play. Since I am now a college student living on my own, stress is almost unavoidable. Between paying for rent, working over 30 hours a week, worrying about the future, while trying to maintain a decent GPA, it is apparent stress can sometimes get the best of me. The increased amount of stress now compared to when I was a carefree child causes a delay in the healing of my wounds. Another factor that may slow down the wound healing process is my current diet. As I child I would usually eat relatively healthy. My mother would always prepare meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and important nutrients. Now that I am on my own I have resorted to eating many unhealthy meals including ramen…