Writing and Points Argumentative Research Essay

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Essay 4 – 100 points
Peer Review Response – 50 points
Reading Response – 50 points

Argumentative Research

For this essay, you will be inventing your own writing prompt and then developing a research paper that answers your prompt. For this essay, you will choose a subject, a method or approach for constructing the essay, and fulfill the parts of the essay that are required.

Subject: Your subject needs to be about food. Your subject needs to be in conversation with one of the novels we have covered in this class (OC: Personal History, TACO USA, or Eating Animals).

Method/Approach: While the basis of the paper is that this is an argument, you will need to choose the rhetorical methods that you want to use in approaching the subject (analysis, compare and contrast, evaluative – See Mrs. L if you need other options.) You should be constructing this as a research paper.

Essay Parts:
• 500 word prompt that explains the subject and method that you are writing about. (Like an abstract, but more of the question than the answer).
• 8-12 pages of content writing
• 8 Annotated bibliographies
• Works Cited page containing at least ten sources

Due Dates:
4/18 – 500 Word Prompt Due In Class
4/25 – Works Cited Page
4/20 – 8 Annotated Bibliographies Due
5/2 – Final In Class Essay (100 points)
5/7 – 5/9 – No Class
5/14 – Essay 4 and parts are due by email by midnight – Should be one entire document – no multiple attachments! Papers turned in after