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MY WRITING INVENTORY Writing skills are very important to have while in college and throughout life. To build your writing skills to the best they can be you must first know your own writing style. You should know what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can begin to work on them and make them better. By knowing the way you deal with a writing assignment and the way you work on them, you can fix your problems and become the best writer you can.
My attitude about writing is I do not mind writing things in general. I know that writing skills are an important asset to have when getting a job. How I feel when I get a writing assignment depends on the length of time I have to finish it and how long the writing assignment is. If the assignment is due that day and I have to write it by hand I won’t be happy with it but regardless it will still get done. I am most happy with a writing assignment that is due in a week or so, and I do not like to type more than five pages. Writing to me, is a way to get information out to others or it can show how much information you know. I try and start early when I get a writing assignment because I do not like to worry about it getting done on time. When I get a writing assignment I usually pick a day when I have enough time to put some good effort into it. I try and find a quiet place with a table to do my typing on my laptop. The quieter it is the better and faster it will get done. My laptop has almost all the tools I need to write a good paper, so as long as I have it I can work on it. The way I would say I start my writing process is to pull up Microsoft Word on my laptop and re-read the writing assignment I have to do. I do not make an outline if I don’t have too. I usually brain storm for a minute until an idea hits me and I start the assignment. The easiest part of writing for me is my ability to type fast and have the focus to sit down for a long time and get what I need to get done, done. The easiest type of writing assignments for me are the one’s when I already know the information that is needed and all I need to do is type it. If I already know all the information I need there is no reason not to sit down and at least get some work done on the assignment. When I don’t know the information and I need to look up information and document my resources is the harder part of writing for me. I do not particularly like to scan through multiple web pages and read the information; take notes on it, then write the assignment. When I do not have to do research on a topic is when I get the assignment done the fastest and with the